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Episodes of my Have You Heard This podcast.

Have You Heard This podcast: Old Times, Good Dudes with Pat House

On the latest Have You Heard This podcast Aaron is joined by his first friend in comedy Pat House to talk mostly about their days of getting started as stand-ups in Philadelphia. […]

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About a Joke: Joe Zimmerman’s “Lasik Vs. Contacts”

In my “About a Joke” series I will write about a stand-up comedy clip and how the joke writing reminds me of certain techniques and tricks I have talked about […]

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Have You Heard This: Babies are Weak with Betty J. Smithsonian | Stand-up Comedy Podcast

In the latest episode of the Have You Heard This podcast, Aaron is joined by comedian Betty J. Smithsonian to talk about babies.

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How to Write Stand-Up Comedy: Make Lists

Learning how to write stand-up comedy starts with learning how to recognize what you want to talk about on stage. Using a notebook to keep track of your thoughts is a start. Keeping lists of things that evoke strong emotions is a great way to find topics that are personal and meaningful to you.

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Have You Heard This: Bachelor Party Pooper with Blake Wexler

Aaron talks to comedian Blake Wexler about how bachelor parties aren’t really either of their cup of tea. In the bonus episode,¬†available now on Patreon, the two discuss how sports teams can […]

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Have You Heard This Podcast: A Television Pilot with Stephanie mickus

In the return episode of Have You Heard This, Aaron is joined by his former An Offer You Can’t Refuse podcast co-host, writer Stephanie Mickus (Billions, Hope Springs Eternal). The two discuss their friendship, their […]

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