Free For All Tonight


The very first Free For All stand-up comedy showcase (hosted by myself and Alison Zeidman) is tonight at 8pm at Rembrandt’s Restaurant & Bar (741 N. 23rd St. Philadelphia. It will be hard to find another line-up quite like the one we are going to put together on a weekly basis for this show – so you should make it part of your routine. Why not? It’s free, and it’ll be the best stand-up comedy show you’ll see in Philadelphia. Yeah, I said it.

Also – you should check out Free For All online. We promise, it won’t just be stuff about our own show. We plan to do interviews with the comics you’ll see on our show, share content from some of the best comedic talent in Philly, and bring you a whole lot closer to the great stand-up comedy scene we have in this fair city. So:

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