Have You Heard This: A 500-Page Book with Pete Kuempel

Have You Heard This: A 500-Page Book with Pete Kuempel

In the latest Have You Heard This podcast, Aaron is joined by comedian Pete Kuempel for a discussion about Pete’s memoir-in-progress about a tumultuous relationship and its aftermath. The two best friends get deep and discuss writing about their insecurities and other strong feelings while trying to remain funny, relatable, and not coming off like big ol’ crybabies.

In the bonus episode, available now on Patreon, Aaron breaks the news to Pete that he’s going to have to break up with him as his best friend before Pete’s 50th birthday. Pete takes it surprisingly well. Support the show for as little as $5/month and get weekly bonus episodes and more!

About the Guest: Pete Kuempel is a comedian, writer, and animator based in New York City. Originally from Chicago, he got his start in comedy in the Windy City before moving to Philadelphia to continue his career. He eventually made his way to NYC, where his sharp jokes and dry delivery are big hits with audiences across the city and at clubs and festivals all over the United States.

About the Podcast: On the Have You Heard This podcast, Aaron Hertzog welcomes comedians and writers to in-depth, hilarious conversations based on a joke, topic, or premise the guest is currently developing. Aaron interviews his guests about the inspiration for their idea and how the topic fits their individual artistic voice but the focus of the conversation is to explore the comedy in the premise through stories, riffs, jokes, and anything else that leads to laughs. Weekly Bonus Episodes Here: https://www.patreon.com/aaronhertzog

Aaron Hertzog is a Los Angeles-based comedian and writer. He started his career in Philadelphia where he was named “Best Stand-Up Comedian” at the WitOut Awards for Philadelphia Comedy. He hosts the Have You Heard This podcast, in which he has conversations with comedians that explore a new and developing joke from their act. His debut stand-up comedy album “Delicious Mistake” along with weekly bonus podcast episodes are available for subscribers on Patreon.