Seven Habits of Super Fit People

Just a few simple steps can take you from being a gross-disgusting-creature-not-fit-to-be-called-a-human to someone worthy of other people’s time and attention. You may think it’s impossible to achieve your health and fitness goals, but take it from these success stories, it’s easier than you may think!

They Make Working Out a Priority
“I try to work out at least five days a week,” says A Professional Athlete. “Even when I’m travelling, and it gets to be a grind, I just pull myself out of bed and force myself to do it. Sometimes I only have time to do a quick 45 minute run on the treadmill before I have to go play sports for a living and that’s all I can get in. I try not to beat myself up over it though.”

They Don’t Compare Themselves to Other People
“My weight fluctuates just like everybody else” confesses GuyZone Magazine’s 2012’s ‘Hottest Babe on the Planet’. “When I’m in one of the upswings, I just remember that it’s perfectly natural, and I am beautiful just the way I am all the time. I could look at all the people around me and say things like ‘why don’t I have her lips’ or ‘I wish my butt was more like hers’ but I don’t, because I have my own lips and butt, which I’ve learned to accept.”

They Eat Breakfast
“Food is fuel for your body,” says Some Guy With Abs. “You wouldn’t go on a long car trip without putting gas in your car, so why would you start the day without having a piece of fruit, a single serving of yogurt, and a few grains of granola?”

They Cheat
“Everybody needs a day off,” proclaims Millionaire Hollywood Actress, “especially my live-in chef/nutritionist and personal trainer. So I let them rest on Sundays while I be naughty by not working out and eating three sensible meals that are not meticulously planned by a culinary and nutritional genius.”

They Get Enough Sleep
Your body needs to rest and rebuild after all that working out you’ve been up to. “I try to get as much sleep as I can,” says Famous Television Personal Trainer. “Some people don’t realize how important that is to staying healthy. After a long day of helping other people work out, and then working out myself I’m usually pretty beat. Also, I’m rich, so I have no worries or concerns on my mind that keep me up and terrified about my future for half of the night.”

They Don’t ‘Diet’
“Starving yourself for a long time is just going to make you snap and binge,” says This Sexy Businessman. “You have to remember that a ‘diet’ is something that you follow through on all the time, not a quick fix for weight loss. Remember, everything in moderation. I also murder drifters to satisfy all my urges.”