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How to Write Stand-Up Comedy: Make Lists

Learning how to write stand-up comedy starts with learning how to recognize what you want to talk about on stage. Using a notebook to keep track of your thoughts is a start. Keeping lists of things that evoke strong emotions is a great way to find topics that are personal and meaningful to you.

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Have You Heard This: King Kong’s Yelp Review with Joe Moore

No chains will ever hold the wonder of the world that is this episode as Joe Moore joins Aaron to discuss what it would be like if King Kong decided to write […]

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Have You Heard This Podcast: Cheating is evil, evil is fun with darryl charles

Aaron is joined by comedian Darryl Charles to talk about how cheating in a relationship is evil…but being evil is fun. On the bonus episode, available now at patreon.com/aaronhertzog Darryl helps Aaron work through […]

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