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Seven Habits of Super Fit People

Just a few simple steps can take you from being a gross-disgusting-creature-not-fit-to-be-called-a-human to someone worthy of other people’s time and attention. You may think it’s impossible to achieve your health and fitness goals, but take it from these success stories, it’s easier than you may think! They Make Working Out a Priority “I try to […]

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I Hope You Understand My Attempt at “Social Satire”

I hope this church has good Internet cell phone reception. #funeral — Aaron Hertzog (@aaronhertzog) May 29, 2013 I hope this cemetery has some cool Instagram spots. #funeral — Aaron Hertzog (@aaronhertzog) May 29, 2013   I hope this fire company basement is a wifi hot spot. #funeral — Aaron Hertzog (@aaronhertzog) May 29, 2013 […]

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