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SNL Fake Sketch(es) of the Week

This week I wrote two! While I am very aware this story might be fake, and just based on some old urban legend, I thought it could be used for Weekend Update character segment. 22-Year-Old-Columbian-Woman This idea for the second sketch came from that time Sarah Silverman had drugs in her purse at the Emmys. […]

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SNL Fake Sketch of the Week: “Chris Pratt’s Stunt Double”

About a year and a half ago I started a Twitter account where I tweeted half ironic, quarter serious, another quarter ironic sketch ideas based on the week’s celebrity host of Saturday Night Live. The timing of it was terrible, since there were only two episodes left in that season of SNL, but the novelty […]

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Goat Rodeo presents: Cart Before the Horse

  I am a writer/performer for new Philly Improv Theater sketch comedy house team Goat Rodeo. Our debut show, Cart Before the Horse¬†will run September 5-8 as part of PHIT’s Philly Fringe Festival run of shows. If you’re on my website then this is something you should come to. Get your tickets online here. While […]

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