SNL Fake Sketch of the Week: “Chris Pratt’s Stunt Double”


About a year and a half ago I started a Twitter account where I tweeted half ironic, quarter serious, another quarter ironic sketch ideas based on the week’s celebrity host of Saturday Night Live. The timing of it was terrible, since there were only two episodes left in that season of SNL, but the novelty of it would have probably worn off quickly afterwards anyway.* Just today I thought “Aaron, why don’t you try to not be a dumb butthead, and actually try to create something sincere.” So, this is my new writing experiment thing. Each week, I will write a sketch targeted for Saturday Night Live for reals (a spec sketch, if you will). I’ll try to experiment with different styles, sometimes current events based, sometimes a parody, sometimes it will be based on that week’s host – I’ll try to act like I’m seriously writing something for the show. Because why the fuck not.

So here’s the first one: Chris Pratt’s Stunt Double

*To be honest, I just went back and read some of these, and I don’t think they’re half bad. The idea started as a dumb, ironic, “I’ll pretend to be tweeting as a moron who is actually suggesting these sketches to Saturday Night Live” thing, but I think some of the ideas have legs. I’m just a coward who’s afraid to stand behind his ideas. Until now!