I Made This and I’m Not Sorry


“A Short Play” by: Aaron Hertzog

Fella 1
Hey, did you know that Eric Stoltz was originally supposed to be…

Fella 2
Marty McFly. Everybody knows that, it’s not a special fact you’re telling me.

Fella 1
My father. I was going to say Eric Stoltz was originally supposed to fuck and impregnate my mother, who worked in craft services on the movie Back to the Future. Then he got fired, so now my dad is stupid old Crispin Glover.

Fella 2

The End.

I Used to Rap – Ramblings

I used to make rap songs. Now I feel like sharing them again. This verse was originally recorded during a New Year’s Eve (2005) party with Keenan Willis and Elliot Garland. I lost the version with their verses, but here’s mine. Beat by Keenan Willis.

The Holding Court Podcast – This is Melo

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The Holding Court Podcast – Franklin the Big Blue Dog

Goat Rodeo Presents: The 78th Annual Butterborough County Pie Eating Contest

Want to watch a whole fucking sketch show?

Kristy Goldy
Aaron Hertzog
Matt Lamson
Chris McGrail
Kevin Pettit
Sue Taney
Kaitlin Thomson
Zachary Uzupis
Aubrie Williams

Dan Boldin
Bill Flynn
Aaron Hertzog
Chris McGrail
Justin Miller
Aubrie Williams

Director: Samantha Russell Craig
Head Writer: Christian Alsis

“Your News, Philadelphia” – DSM VI Review

Written by: Dave Metter
With: Jim Grammond
And: Jacquie Baker

SNL Fake Sketch(es) of the Week


This week I wrote two!

While I am very aware this story might be fake, and just based on some old urban legend, I thought it could be used for Weekend Update character segment.


This idea for the second sketch came from that time Sarah Silverman had drugs in her purse at the Emmys.

What’s My Drug

Have You Heard This? “A Mouse in the House” with Alison Zeidman


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This week’s guest Alison Zeidman has a mouse in her house, and she does not like it. Does that just mean that she hates dirty little mice running around her apartment, or could it have deeper meaning? Probably just the first thing.

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SNL Fake Sketch of the Week:


About a year and a half ago I started a Twitter account where I tweeted half ironic, quarter serious, another quarter ironic sketch ideas based on the week’s celebrity host of Saturday Night Live. The timing of it was terrible, since there were only two episodes left in that season of SNL, but the novelty of it would have probably worn off quickly afterwards anyway.* Just today I thought “Aaron, why don’t you try to not be a dumb butthead, and actually try to create something sincere.” So, this is my new writing experiment thing. Each week, I will write a sketch targeted for Saturday Night Live for reals (a spec sketch, if you will). I’ll try to experiment with different styles, sometimes current events based, sometimes a parody, sometimes it will be based on that week’s host – I’ll try to act like I’m seriously writing something for the show. Because why the fuck not.

So here’s the first one: Chris Pratt’s Stunt Double

*To be honest, I just went back and read some of these, and I don’t think they’re half bad. The idea started as a dumb, ironic, “I’ll pretend to be tweeting as a moron who is actually suggesting these sketches to Saturday Night Live” thing, but I think some of the ideas have legs. I’m just a coward who’s afraid to stand behind his ideas. Until now!